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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose my facilitator? 

Yes! You have an option between facilitators when going through the registration process for newborn groups. Katie and Kris aren’t always starting groups around the same time, so that’s something to keep in mind when choosing a facilitator and when the next group starts.

How long do groups typically run? 

Groups can run anywhere from 6 months to a year. It really depends on the flow of the group and what group members want. We often find groups want to stay together for a while.

How does billing work? 

As of January 2022, all new members will be billed once a month, at either the $90 (currently only available for BIPOC families), $150 or $200 subscription price point. Depending on when your group begins, your first invoice may be prorated to reflect the current month and all future invoices will reflect a full month's membership. 


What if I cannot afford the membership? 

We are continuously working on ways to offer this community in a way that is affordable for most. Please reach out via email if the monthly subscription is not within your budget. 

What is your refund policy? I may change my mind. 

We understand that this space may not be for everyone and things change but The Postpartum Collective wants to maintain a cohort model and space where members feel safe. Because of this and the required resources, refunds are not available after a circle starts. 

What if I miss a meeting? 

If you miss a meeting, the meeting will still be held to your subscription. Meetings are the bulk of our offering and unless the facilitator reschedules for the group, they cannot be made up.

What if I want to switch groups? 

Sometimes we will move a group memeber from one group to another, especially if we feel like it’ll be a better fit. However, we want to respect the vulnerability of the members of each circle and try not to shuffle people around often.

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